Maybe 15 minutes From Design to Cutting

Cabinet Vision is perfect for businesses wanting to automate their operations. It allows you to automatically generate your shop drawings, 3D customer renderings, cutting lists, material requirements, estimating and CNC machining. The software uses solid modelling technology to create true three-dimensional presentations of the final product on-screen, while simultaneously generating the necessary information for the shop floor. Joiners Magazine spoke to Christchurch user Ryan Butler.

Cabinet Vision keeps the simple tasks easy and makes the complex jobs possible.

When Ryan Butler from Ryans Kitchens in Christchurch upgraded his nesting system two years ago he decided he wanted a fully automated process from design to production. His previous nesting set up had been efficient in its day but still required considerable input between design and manufacture.

Having purchased a new Biesse Skill 1836 to go alongside his earlier and smaller Biesse, Ryan knew the importance of getting the software right with such a large capital purchase. He researched his options and after talking to Phil Smith of Joinery It, who supply Cabinet Vision in NZ, he went with their latest option, largely for three reasons.

“It promised what I wanted, which was to use the information inputted at design all the way through to the manufacturing process, secondly it looked to be the simplest of those I looked at in terms of learning and use, and thirdly, Phil gave me a test key to trial the software for three months. It was probably the third point which swayed us as we did use it for three months and found it did deliver on its promise both in terms of ease of operation and true automation.

“I now run both our nesting machines on it and the performance has been great. Like all software we have had the odd issue but our staff are pretty proficient in its use and with Phils’ help when required any problems have usually been quickly sorted.

“Where I am impressed with this system is that alongside its simplicity it is very fast, everything happens simultaneously, make a change in one place and any necessary changes are made elsewhere. If we wish to or have to, we can get a design through to the machine very quickly – maybe 15 minutes from design to cutting.”

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